Horvat Financial Advisors is a proudly independent financial advisory firm that specialises in providing advice on how best to maximise and manage your financial independence.

We provide a personalised service to clients and their families, which enables them to live the lifestyles they desire with true financial certainty and freedom. Our approach is based on a depth of knowledge and expertise that is quite rare in the Australian financial planning profession.

By being independent, we ensure that the advice we provide is without bias and always in the best interest of the client.


The Insight articles capture our knowledge and opinion of the changing legislative and economic conditions of the investment market.

  • Product Spin

    As you may be aware by now, we are very sceptical advisers. Due to our independence and having no affiliation with product providers, being sceptical ensures that our clients are provided with unbiased advice which targets their financial requirements at all times. To illustrate this, please refer to the attached; Perpetual Pure Equity Alpha Fund –…

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  • Bank Inquiry & Good Advice

    What was that all about?! This is the main question that comes to mind when reflecting on the much publicised and absolutely useless parliamentary inquiry into the 4 big banks. Would a Royal Commission be more useful?  Surely the key to both questions, as with most things in life, is what was it meant to…

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  • Are reported property market returns exaggerated?

    I recently came across an article which highlighted how Melbourne house values had increased by 10.7% for the year ending 31st of March 2016.  This is really quite amazing, and got me thinking; ‘I wonder if our house has had this same sort of return?’ We live in Thornbury which is north of the city, roughly 8km from…

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  • Retired? Should your investments be held within Superannuation?

    Superannuation is seen, and referred to as the investment retirement platform for the majority of Australians. Retirement savings and retirement income in actual fact do not have to be based within superannuation, and in many instances, superannuation may be overly cumbersome, expensive and inappropriate to justify having this structure for the majority of Australian retirees….

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  • Selling complexity

    How can there be so many instances of professional negligence and abuse? Over 600,000 clients will be reviewed and may be offered compensation from the Commonwealth Bank and Macquarie Bank financial advisory divisions for wrong, or incompetent, or conflicted financial advice. This is not the first, and certainly not the last time where the big banks and…

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  • One Percenters

    Retirement planning, like any other long-term successful survival strategy, is all about generating certain outcomes rather than going for spectacular one-off events. In life, as in long-term financial planning, one can make sure of certain things and lock them into place thus providing a much greater chance of achieving realistically set targets. The secret to all this is…

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  • Sweeping, generic statements from the media

    Some of you may have seen the article that was published in the Age yesterday which focussed on the fact that having $1 million in superannuation won’t be enough to fund retirement.  The commentary came from ‘Superannuation industry veteran and chairman of retirement income at Challenger, Jeremy Cooper.’ Jeremy Cooper is employed by Challenger who are a provider of retirement income…

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  • Sceptical Analysis – Part 2

    We recently wrote a blog which highlighted our approach of having a sceptical point of view when looking at financial products.  Often financial product providers will try and use flashy brochures, marketing tools and advertising techniques to sell their offering, as opposed to providing a clear understanding to the consumer on why they would be better off in…

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  • Sceptical Analysis

    We are forever mindful of our duty to identify and secure real value for our clients when managing their financial positions. Our evolution to becoming totally independent financial advisers, has been in large motivated by our long term scepticism of fund managers, their products and the lack of any value-add to the client. In fact, more…

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