Horvat Financial Advisors is a proudly independent financial advisory firm that specialises in providing advice on how best to maximise and manage your financial independence.

We provide a personalised service to clients and their families, which enables them to live the lifestyles they desire with true financial certainty and freedom. Our approach is based on a depth of knowledge and expertise that is quite rare in the Australian financial planning profession.

By being independent, we ensure that the advice we provide is without bias and always in the best interest of the client.


The Insight articles capture our knowledge and opinion of the changing legislative and economic conditions of the investment market.

  • The secret to financial independence

    We are always focused on assisting our clients toward their financial independence; the time in their lives when they can comfortably step aside from their employment and embark on a journey of their choosing. However, before that journey begins every client needs the comfort of knowing their future lifestyle will not be interrupted or compromised due to…

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  • What being a truly Independent Financial Adviser means to us

    Over the last 18 months we have worked hard to position and move our business in a direction that allows it to be defined as an independent advisory. You may be surprised to hear this; but this is a rare achievement within the financial planning profession.  In actual fact, there is approximately 31 advisers (from…

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  • Your Own Retirement Solutions

    The economic downturn has hit home for many of Australian’s retirees and soon to be retired with 73% or an estimated 2.9 million elderly residents loosing retirement income, the latest BankWest survey report has found. BankWest Publication, 11/06/2009 We frequently hear about the risk of inflation, the risk of outliving your income, or the risk…

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  • What is financial independence?

    Financial Independence is achieved by providing yourself with the financial freedom to live a lifestyle you have planned and designed for yourself throughout your working life and beyond, reducing reliance on any type of allowance or government support for your income needs. By removing chance and other factors determined by others and taking control of…

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  • Be aware of December

    Best wishes to all our clients and their families, business associates and blog followers for the coming year. New year resolutions aside, there is always a sensation of a new beginning and new opportunities in the first days and perhaps weeks of a new year. No doubt, much of it is caused by the hangover and guilt of…

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  • Family planning at age 60

    As we approach (what we thought to be) our retirement years, we are increasingly becoming aware of how much and how quickly our world has changed. If we are aware and still capable of adapting to the changes, all is for the better. The advance in medicine and aged care, as well as our own awareness of lifestyle…

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  • Change your behaviour – not your risk profile!

    Retirement planning is all about lifestyle objectives. Timing and quality of retirement will be mostly impacted by making sufficient financial provisions to maintain a chosen lifestyle for as long as possible, and with as much certainty as possible. So, when next time you see one of the many retirement calculators available on the web, and…

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  • Your Current Assets

    The process of retirement planning involves making some critical decisions regarding your current investments. The attachment you have to these certain assets, mainly property, often places significant restrictions on your options and opportunities. When we endeavour to learn more about a client’s current position, we always ask as to why they are holding each asset…

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  • Retirement. Income Vs Capital

    In recent months there has been an emerging trend to once again ignore the past and look to the future, it’s as if the global financial crisis was something that only our grand parents can remember. The new confidence in the surging equity markets has all the interested (perhaps “self interested”) parties proclaiming once again that income…

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