The Importance of Estate Planning

A critical part of the financial planning piece is understanding how accumulated wealth is dealt with over different periods of the client’s lifespan and beyond.

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  • The Importance of Estate Planning

    Estate planning involves the complete understanding of all of the client’s needs, wants and desires.  To have a discussion with the client on these matters illustrates real trust between the adviser and client. For us, it’s a privilege to be bestowed with this information.

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  • What is Financial Planning?

    The 5 major banks within Australia (CBA, NAB, ANZ, Westpac and Macquarie) and AMP, have all had (or still have) financial planning/wealth management arms as part of their customer offering.  Financial planners have been incentivised to sell products associated with the banks to assist in generating ongoing profit and meet bonus targets.

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  • Active, Passive and the Unknown

    Actively managed investments are opportunity driven strategies.  Fund managers look to buy and sell securities in order to; Produce returns in excess of a nominated index for the investor, and Increase profits for themselves  (being their primary motive). If they can achieve both of these, then everybody wins.  The manager will typically also capture a…

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  • The CPI & You

    This is a measure we come across in discussion on financial matters on a daily basis.  It is often spoken about in the same breath as the client’s projected cost of living. CPI is often linked with retirement income outcomes, and is mentioned as a major factor when planning for the future.

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  • Total Return Investing

    Under the total return approach, if spending exhausts the portfolio income, the investor spends from the portfolio’s capital appreciation rather than seeking yield and abandoning a carefully crafted asset allocation. The total return approach has several advantages, including maintaining portfolio diversification and risk exposure. In our view this is a totally sensible method of managing…

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  • Acting in the best interest of the client

    You would assume that acting in the best interests of a client should be a principle that is easy to identify and apply. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the world of Financial Planning, Advice and Management. What if acting in the best interest of a client isn’t a profitable proposition? The self- justifying…

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  • What really happens in retirement?

    It is one thing to hypothesise about life in retirement. It is entirely another to live it. Preparing for financial independence and life without regular employment income (otherwise known as retirement) can be both exciting and challenging. From our own experience of consulting, advising and managing many clients’ financial affairs leading up to and through…

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  • Product Spin

    As you may be aware by now, we are very sceptical advisers. Due to our independence and having no affiliation with product providers, being sceptical ensures that our clients are provided with unbiased advice which targets their financial requirements at all times. To illustrate this, please refer to the attached; Perpetual Pure Equity Alpha Fund –…

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  • Bank Inquiry & Good Advice

    What was that all about?! This is the main question that comes to mind when reflecting on the much publicised and absolutely useless parliamentary inquiry into the 4 big banks. Would a Royal Commission be more useful?  Surely the key to both questions, as with most things in life, is what was it meant to…

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