The events of the last 6 months and you

Over the last 6 months, we have been inundated with news and events that continue to question the sustainability of domestic and global economic conditions.

Domestically, we have seen a turn in property price valuations.  We have begun to better understand the slowing of the economy and the likelihood of a further reduction in interest rates to hopefully assist in re-stimulating growth.  We have had premature information and advice on tax and governance reform, based on the Labour party forming Government.  There’s been a federal budget, which to be honest most people ignored due to the previously mentioned assumption! And most recently, we now know who will be in Government for the next 3 years, removing a large portion of uncertainty.  On top of that we’ve had floods and draught and across in Christchurch, a horrific terrorist attack.

Broader, the ongoing saga that is Brexit is still unresolved.  China and the United States are in a trade war.  A comedian was elected president of Ukraine! North Korea continues to test missiles and Donald Trump continues to deny any sort of wheeling and dealing with Russia.  Severe winters were experienced across the northern hemisphere, as well as floods and continuing conflicts.

It’s been a busy and hectic period.  As more information is captured and understood about the above-mentioned events, more concerns grow as too where this planet is heading and what actions we should all be taking?

If over the last 6 months you were deep in the news cycle, trying to breakdown and understand what actions to be taking, I can only imagine how exhausted you may be.

Our work as client advisors is to keep on top of all matters relevant and likely to be relevant to our client’s financial affairs and targeted lifestyle outcomes. The events of the last 6 months have been unprecedented on all matters finance and retirement planning.

However, many years of experience has taught us to keep an eye on the events but not act ahead of them.

Our responsibility is to the individual client, their changing circumstances and the specific events that will shape their lives. Working with matters we can control as opposed to worrying about matters we cannot means our focus is always on the client, and not speculating on what the short-term future may hold.

We are engaged by our clients to protect them from unnecessary noise from the media and deliver greater certainty to their future financial prospects.